Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Walking Wavy


Henry Miller's two act play A View from the Bridge is so economical that you barely have time to get comfy before the enormity of where jonesing Eddie Carbone is headed really sinks in. By "pulling back" and searching for a word, Liev provided a little levity, effectively stretching out that innocent time for us.

I haven't seen this play (sob) but have read it. After watching this clip of Liev (below), I realized that this "trick" is in all works which have left my soul scarred, for better or worse. I'm not just talking about a sad story that stays with you; I'm talking about the moment when you start to question if you're depraved because something that just happened fills you with doom, yet the characters seem comfortable and have moved on. So, it can't be, right?

This is a great interview. Enjoy.

Bielski History

Jay Bielski kindly contacted us to provide some insights on his family and their take on the movie Defiance. Check out our Forum and see what he had to say.

He also shared a great video made by his son, Zus' Grandson, Elan Bielski:

Elan Bielski Video