Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: Wardrobe WOWfunctions

Had the price been blindness, I would still have looked
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

As March drones on and the temperature continues to hover around -30c. (Which is -22F for all you Imperialists out there ) there's only so much a girl can do to stay warm. Now, I'm not talking about needing a pinch-hitter between the sheets. No, Sir.  We've got that covered, thanks.

I'm talking about needing to send your mind off to that happy place on those days when the ice is so thick on the windshield it takes 15 minutes of scraping and bashing just to break through.

Like today.

So I present to you, my Top Ten Favourite Liev Wardrobe WOWfunctions:

10. I'm going to start with Ted Winters in Salt; a definite favourite and one of the reasons is it's more recent. And I just happen to think Liev's looking especially yummy right now. Suits are always good and since we only get to see Ted on the clock, there are lots of conservative ties and trenchcoats to go around. Also, loving the tight haircut. You can really see Liev's eyes when his coif's edited in this way.

9. Can you tell I'm all about cozy? Mischa's sweater in Jakob the Liar looks so warm, I bet I'd start purring if I saw it in person.  I'll admit at first wasn't crazy about the Elmer Fudd hat, but then Mischa's youthful optimism grabbed a hold of me and I began to see the scrutiny behind that specific wardrobe decision. Liev's so adorable here I just want to lean in for a full on raspberry.

8. Sometimes you need to see a little skin, and Robert Thorn's blue-blood wifebeater in The Omen delivers on your request in spades. We're rarely treated to anything beyond Liev's bare arms, but here his powerful shoulders play well against the backdrop of a man who's at his most vulnerable.

7. Appealing Lotario is about as jovial as it gets for Liev. In addition to it being a Period Costume, (EXCELLENT!) the blousy, open shirt latin references with the chic vest really informs his attitudes about life and love. You look at him and words like Picnic and Romp and Lust spring to mind. He's definitely someone who whistles as he dresses in front of the mirror each morning.

6. Carl in the Daytrippers tries too hard with people, but his wardrobe is put together in such a way that once it's on, little effort is required. Taking that fashion era into account, we have to concede that the nod to primary colours is Carl's way of exuding forced confidence. I'm LOVING the scarf action on Liev and bet you're wishing you could sniff it since he wears it through most of the movie. Am I right?

5. Stuart of Kate & Leopold is good in all time periods. LOVE his choice of costume for when time travelling and his modern day look is pretty close to Liev himself, so with Stuart we really get the best of both worlds. There's something about Liev in a rich, deep coloured coat with a white shirt underneath that you feel right down to your toes.

4. In Spring Forward, Paul and his ubiquitous outerwear is definitely part of the scenery. My favourite is the Don't-Shoot-Me orange hoody. There's just something so cute about it. I want to pull up that hood, tug on those laces and beep his nose through the hole.

3. While I was not especially fond of the blue elastic trackpants, I did appreciate some of Clark Barnes' looks. Really enjoyed the longer hair for some stranger reason (totally unlike me). It's amazing how Liev can change everything about himself with just his hair. I know this is true of all of us but with him it's like everything's different. Anyway, my favourite of all Clark's wardrobe changes is in the slideshow above, wearing outerwear. (Again with the cozy... I know. *rolling my eyes at myself*)

2. Okay, I devoted an entire look to Liev's portrayal of Orson because it's just that good. Wardrobe definitely represented here. Two hours of Liev in fine habardashery is something you tuck away for a lousy day, all right.

And my favourite wardrobe moment ever for Liev....the real jaw dropper:

1) Cotton in cotton. That creamy sweater. So. Friggin. Hot. I think I actually gasped the first time I saw it - which is why I usually screen Liev projects alone. Said it many times here, I'm a shoulders girl and Liev's lovely sweater highlights his physique magnificently.

Looking forward to more projects from Liev so we can keep adding to this list.