Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: If Liev falls in the forest...

I'm now getting about 20 - 50 messages a day, from various venues, on all topics and queries related to Liev. So, today I'm sharing with you the Top Ten questions posed to me about Liev.

Again, not Liev here, but I'm doing my level best.


1) Do Liev and Naomi....
- up pah pah pah let me just stop you right there. I do not comment on anyone's personal life. And while Liev occasionally mentions aspects of his relationships in interviews, they are not for me to unfold here.

2) Does Liev read this website?
We have had some lovely comments from people who claim to be Liev. What can I say?  I figure, even if it's not him, someone wants to make me feel good, right?  BUT I've also received very forward emails from some gutless shit-for-brains who is obviously not Liev. His tell? The most atrocious spelling you've ever seen. (Panties in the mail - seriously? Amateur!)

3) Which is Liev's greatest role?
This is a loaded question as it depends on what your needs are. I can tell you that for me Spring Forward, A Walk on the Moon and Defiance are always queued up in my mind and ready to go. Those are films that stick with you forever.

4) Will Liev be on CSI again?
How great would that be?? I cannot see his role as Mike Kepplar being reprised since he was killed - unless someone concocts some sort of grandiose flashback story. (We can only hope - OY!) Would love to see him on other shows, anything... Can you imagine? WEEKLY Liev?

5) Why isn't Liev involved in Scream 4 or the next Wolverines?
Liev has commented very little on this. There could be many factors. He might be tired of doing sequels. It could be a timing issue with family or other projects. This is something we'll never know and I look forward to seeing whatever he choses in their stead.

6) Has Liev been to Canada and does he like it?
He has. A Walk on the Moon was shot entirely in and around Montreal, as were small parts of Sum of All Fears. Repo Men and Spinning Boris were almost entirely shot in Toronto.
Bits of Xmen: Wolverines were shot in Vancouver, although I'm not sure what bits.
Goon was shot in Winnipeg and P le P, Manitoba.
I'm also thrilled to report that a portion of Sum of All Fears was shot in Ottawa, my hometown!!!  I'm not sure if Liev is in these scenes. I'll have to go back and review looking for mi barrio, essay.
Also, Liev attended TIFF in 2005.
I've never heard him say whether he likes Canada or not.  I do know that other than Walk on the Moon, he's always been here during colder weather so... good thing he likes hats.

7) Have you ever met Liev?
I have not (sobbing) but we have a friend who has. If we're real nice, she might just post her story here later.

8) Have you ever seen Liev on Broadway and is he doing a show this year?
Never had the thrill myself, but again, our friend saw A View from The Bridge and may choose to share that account with us, as well.
I get the New Yorker and the NY Times and scan many Broadway blogs every day to try and anticipate when this will happen. I promise to keep you in the know.

9) Does Liev work with friends?
You will often find Liev working with the same people more than once. Whether to define them as "friends" is not my place, but you have to figure spending that much time on set together would sort of polarize personalities and those who are likeminded would float to the top, yes?
He calls it a kind of shorthand.
Parker Posey (x3), Ned Beatty (x2), Julia Stiles (x2), Morgan Freeman (x2), Campbell Scott (x2) and there are others which I cannot think of right now.

10) Who are you and do you get paid and why do you do this site?
I'm a 42 year old womanchild who works in a place where tragedy is not a daily matter of if, but when. I need to function on many different levels in order to survive.
Liev is one of my soft places to land.
I do not want anything from this site but the peace it brings me.
My goal is to support Liev's career by raising awareness of all the amazing contributions he's made as an artist. Unlike so many of his contemporaries, Liev does this because he must. It's a calling that he shares with us at all costs.

Once again, quoting David Mamet, "Talented Actors... are the recipient of a gift which must be respected and which is, in the largest measure, out of their control."