Thursday, March 31, 2011

Favourite Photo Fridays: Ahem, Mrs. Whaaaat?

This unforgettable photo was taken August 1999 in Los Angeles at the premiere of something called "Teaching Mrs. Tingle." Well, not sure what that was all about but this Mrs. Tingle's doing her thing right here thanks Liev's sun-kissed tan and those eyes - not to mention that crisp white shirt. Is there anything finer?

Here's hoping some of the warmth of this young Liev will take a chill off Friday and heat us all up for a great weekend.

Enjoy. xo

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get Your Tonsils Ready!

In honour of the Scream 4 release in just over two weeks, I thought we'd take a look back at Cotton Weary. I'm not going to feel badly about posting this clip since most of you own the series and those who don't might go out and buy it. I figure these nine minutes, over the course of a box set, could just make the difference. I know I consider it an important part of my Liev Library. I guess when it comes down to it you're either a Screamer on you're not.

I realize Liev's not in this latest installment, but I thought we'd pay homage to it as a true ensemble cast project. Liev is part of an illustrious group of young Hollywood alumni here. There's something to be said for that.

Cotton is cocky and brash. The infectious, rolling laugh is flirty with a touch of naughty. And of course there's the famous and much appreciated sweater, featured in our Top Ten Wardrobe WOWfunctions list.

It's enough to brighten any girl's day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: My Own Twilight Zone

"Of course I love you... would I be here if I didn't?"
- Jeff Willis


* MAJOR spoiler alerts *

There's something about Film Noir that's all encompassing. One minute you're getting comfy, the next you're so riveted a small rodent could be gnawing at your ankle unbeknownst to you. A truly powerful genre. Is it because I feel cosmically connected to Simone Signoret and other fabulous Diaboliques like her, or just that I love and appreciate a good whodunnit

All this to preface that I probably would have watched a film like Twilight whether Liev was in it or not. The addition of His Hotness takes it from already worthy to a bona fide cinematic experience.

So, here are my Top Ten Twilight Thoughts for you in no particular order:

- I'm usually a character focused viewer, but plot in intrinsic to all mysteries and this one's choc-full-of nuts. In Act I we're introduced to a pretty little engenue, a young punk (Liev), terminal illness, elicit affairs, a starlet who married up, a flophouse, alcoholic ex-cop private detectives, murder and a woman named Gloria Lamar. This thing could not sound more Film Noir if it were The Black Dahlia. 

- The cast is INCREDIBLE. I was actually surprised that Liev's role was as significant as it was, seeing the names he shared the billboard with. At this point in Liev's carreer story, he had done Ransom and broken out with Scream but the rest of his projects were not as mainstream. Gene Hackman! Paul Newman! James Garner! Susan Serandan! Stockard Channing! John Spencer! Please... next we'll find out Marlon Brando was an uncredited P.A. or something. These are some heavy hitters. I'm thinking Liev and Reese must have been constantly bowing and fetching water, just grateful to even be breathing the same air as these dramatic geniuses.  

- Fantastic dialogue abounds. How many times do you hear someone referred to as "Pal" or "Pally" in film these days?  Liev gets away with it and it becomes a bit of a monacher here. So great how they acheived this without being corny. My favourite line (uttered by James Garner): "Do I look like a man who'd have a ginger ale?"

- Oh the humanity! If you boiled the thing down and made a logline for TV Guide, the story would be simple to tell. What makes this one interesting is the setting in which it's told. Somehow the story feels like we should all be wearing red lipstick and shoulder pads - yet we're in modern day. Very clever. 

- The realism of the characters is what counts. There's little beauty and lots of truth. Liev kicks the $hit out of Paul Newman under the Santa Monica Pier, leaving him bleeding in the sand with the tide rolling in, and then barks at his parole officer/girlfriend in a hurt voice "Why are you always so negative?"

- I'll never look at chicken wings the same way again. As Husband said: "Not Liev's finest hour."  

- Props and Product placement. Now, this is a bad little habit of mine but I tend to have to watch movies several times because I get lost in prop choices and miss parts of the story. The bookcase in Gene hackman's bedrom was full of crime dramas. And in (Liev) Jeff and Gloria's apartment I spotted a bottle of Jean Naté body splash in the bathroom. Was that stuff still around in 1998 or was someone giving a private nod? We'll never know...

- Recurring relationships - this film is about people who've known each other for years and in different ways. There are no newcomers to the story other than Gloria. It's about connections, and obviously I'm partial to that concept. The pally's really are pals, in a sense.

- Liev in a bathing suit, frolicking in the waves. Liev in a towel. Liev with long hair. Many lovely (although brief) views of Liev.

- Tenderness is a major theme even though you wouldn't have called that one. Reese's Mel assures Harry "Sorry but you don't get to kiss the girl in the end... you and I are just bit players in their story." And Liev's last words, (about Gloria) before eating a mouthful of gunfire, are "If there's any more trouble, leave her out of it all right?"   

It's worthwhile to find this film and enjoy it on a rainy day when dark humour suits your mindset. I hope you do.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Favourite Photo Fridays: The Groundhog Lied

In honour of today's snow dump (yes, it's the worst "spring" I can recall) I found this cute wintery photo of Liev from Sundance 2000. This serves to remind me that boots and sweaters can still be a good thing - even though all I want right now is my ballet flats and capris.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: Beyond the "Meet Cute"

"I loved you like a man loves a woman he never
touches, only writes to, keeps little photographs of."
- Charles Bukowksi

- Contains Spoilers -

Rom Coms get a bum wrap. It's true. They're lighthearted and go for the gags, which often gives the poignant moments a saccharine edge. Why does this diminish the whole endeavour for some? It's actually the most true-to-life form of cinema. Okay, so no one has ever hopped on a horse and chased down a mugger for me. But even Bukowski had a few laughs and got laid every once in awhile.

And any chance to see Liev being the good guy is great by me.

All I'm saying is, a film doesn't have to be Last Tango in Paris for me to give it serious consideration. And that's what today is: My Top Ten Favourite Kate & Leopold Moments.

1) Love that Stuart, even before the opening credit montage, is already displaying a wonderful sense of humour with his laughter at the talk of "the world's most perfect erection." Liev's looking around as if to say "Are you people hearing this?" Kind of sets the tone for Stuart's wry, tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. Liev is great right out of the gate.

2) Liev in period clothing. Oh yeah.

3) Liev's Stuart the visionary would be a pleasure to know but in all seriousness it could be a tough gig for a girlfriend. Too bad Meg Ryan's Kate couldn't just decide to be the ladder climbing breadwinner and lighten up. If she'd been willing to fund his projects, he could have done so much. Ironic that she winds up finding true love through his knowledge. She resents him until he owes him everything.

4) Liev's Stuart is an open soul. His kindness and protectiveness with all those he cares about, including new the modern day Leopold, is a little window to his depths. I love the fact that Kate initially suspects him of having brought home a man for some carnal enjoyment. You get the sense that she would put nothing past Stuart and yet Liev makes him easy to like.

5) There's slapstick side to Liev here that we rarely get to see. Falling, slipping, a maze of crutches and body casts, reaching for a phone... Liev's a modern day Jerry Lewis in this role.

6)  The Rainbows and Dogs speech is without a doubt one of the cutest Liev performances I've ever seen. My hope is that you'll all go out and buy this film, but if you're on the fence check this clip out on youtube. You will not be disappointed.

7) Liev propelling Stuart into action is a wonderful thing. Once Stuart's accepted Kate's destiny, the deal is done and we get to see how he brings it all together. Stuart is under a time crunch so while he must be sensitive to other people's feelings, he also sees the reason why he has to move forward. Liev's keen sense or urgency here is the exact mix that's needed.

8) As Kate's dream comes true and she's made a partner in the firm, she stands before her peers and comes to the realization that all she's worked for is empty without Leopold. Liev's Stuart comes to understand the old her just as she is bourgeoining into the new her. Then he catches up again. And you see it all in the glint of an eye (as captured in the photo above). It's a smile from the eyes only - I don't know how else to say that.  Wouldn't it be nice if when a relationship ended, the two parties could honestly look at each other with respect and say it's nobody's fault, we just weren't right?

9) Stuart and Charlie have a brotherly connection that makes them work well as a team trying to get Kate into the life she we wants. I thought Liev was really touching in these scenes.

10) Liev's Stuart, in the final moments with Kate, knows her better than anyone and helps her to leap. He's confident that the metaphoric net will just appear. And of course he's right. Kate knows she owes him everything. The tenderness of his encourageing 'Go, it's okay" was almost the best part of the whole movie, I think. SOB Liev was poetic and beautiful.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Makin' Do

I have to apologize, posting as of late has been a challenge while things get and stay busy around here. Then again, maybe you'd rather just look at snazzy photos and not have to read my lengthy diatribes? I've considered this, I promise.

Anyway, a nagging bout of isomnia last night had me looking at old pics and I found this series from the US Open back in August of 2002.

They're all cute but I really like this one with Grande Dame Sylvia Miles and would be thrilled to know the story behind it. (Because there's got to be a story behind every Liev photo, right? )

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Liev, Tabhair Póg Dom!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I don't have a drop of Irish blood in me either, but wanted to feel a little GREEN
and SPRITELY today. At the end of the rainbow I came upon this:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There are no words...

... to prepare a girl for something like this. 

New Liev Event - a.k.a. Here's Where I Bitch and Moan...

... once again about being so geographically challenged. SOB.

Jewish Press/Jewish Book Council

Mark your calendar now for this fantastic event at Symphony Space on April 6th with Jonathan Safran Foer and Etgar Keret:
The wildly inventive Israeli master joins forces with the author of Everything is Illuminated to present an evening of surprising tales performed by Liev Schreiber (A View From The Bridge and Everything is Illuminated) and other actors.
The event is a part of Symphony Space’s “Selected Shorts” series, which creates an evening of literature in performance. “Selected Shorts” brings together stories by established and emerging writers, giving them a new life as a performance by stars of the stage and screen.

Wed, Apr 6 at 7 pm
Peter Jay Sharp Theatre NYC
$27; Member $23; 30 & Under $15

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: Liev Fan Facts

“A celebrity is one who is known to many persons he is glad he doesn't know.”

- Lord Byron

I thought we'd flip things around this week and look at US. Yes, that's what I said. Liev Fans come from all over the world and every walk of life. I assembled a list of the Top Ten things I've noticed about Liev Connection fans who visit my site.

In no particular order:

  • Liev fans have above average vocabulary. In some of my communications I've had to pull up the dictionary to get through. They use words like transilience, fulcire and inoxilicate. (And I've totally forgotten that word you threw at me the other day Miss Sofia. What was it again?)
  • Liev fans are international. This is one of many sites I'm involved with and the people on here are from Everywhere. I'm talking Bahrain, Macedonia, Oman and Cyprus. Nevermind Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Finland, and all over the UK. I've been hit by 38 different countries so far, in fact.
  • The most prolific Liev Connection fan location? JERSEY represents! That's right. Almost 25% of my followers are from the Garden State. Don't ask me which exit.
  • Liev fans are well read. Hey smartypants! I have to watch myself when I make simple quotes or paraphrase anybody, my slips get caught every time. I also have a problem with wanting to put an e on the end of everything after 14 years of French school. You guys always have my back. Much gratitude. xo  
  • Liev fans love MAC. In my personal life I only know a couple of people who use a MAC, but on my site they account for 45% of followers. I don't know whether it's because Liev has been vocal about his preference for MAC or because MAC users tend to assemble with some sort of Masonic fervor, of if they're just smart and I too should be making the move. Thoughts?
  • Liev fans are GUUUUD LOOKIN'! From what I've spotted and what you've shared by way of photos and avatars, Liev's fans are no slouches in front of the mirror. You are an attractive bunch of Liev Afficionados. I guess it takes one to know one.
  • Closet Carrie Bradshaws, anyone? I get more comments about Liev's footwear choices than any other part of his wardrobe. Second place? Hats. People LOVE Liev in hats. (Me included).
  • Scary/Smart Syndrome? Does Liev face challenges with people being intimidated by his intelligence? I wonder because on here I've met tons of  people who would love to post but are too afraid to have Liev see what they wrote. That's a new one for me! (And I'm talking people who bold face Tweet like 600 times a day - GERONIMO! xx) 
  • Liev Connection fans love Contented Liev. We are a caring bunch. You know those times when you see a tabloid where they've obviously taken a bad photo of someone (scowling, say) and turned it into a headline? "Brad and Angelina Brawl at the Oscars..." and the whole while she was just clearing her throat or whatever. Yeah, not here. We seem to have gathered a lovely bunch of supporters who want Liev to grow old and prosper. Love that. sniff.
  • Attention to Liev-detail. Our fans have an uncanny eye. They can spot the shade of blue in the eyes of the fly that's sitting on the head of Liev's dog. Okay, not really, but it's almost that intense. Good thing we don't do PAP CRAP is all I can say.
  • Liev Connection Fans are a greedy bunch! We want ALL LIEV, all the time! Do you blame us? We wish for nothing more than fabulous projects, meaningful artistic expression and well-deserved accolades.  As long as we own our  completely altruistic wishes (since we benefit too), I think it's okay.
Thanks for your support. xo

Monday, March 14, 2011

Liev and Naomi attend "Paul" Premiere

We've updated our Gallery with new images from the Red Carpet tonight at Graumann's Chinese where Liev and Naomi attended the Premiere of Paul, a science fiction spoof.

LOVING your Dodgers cap, Liev. You're so CUTE. I guess it's true what they say:
You can take our Boy out of New York but you can't take New York out of our Boy.

I stand CORRECTED and CANADIAN. Husband just clarified. The Brooklyn Dodgers are now the L.A. Dodgers and yes Sofia (thanks) this is a Boston Red Sox Hat. (The B is the same font in both - I did check I just didn't check hard enough.) I'll shut up and stick to hockey now. BLUSH xo 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

His and Hers and Ours?

You've stopped humming.
I liked it when you hummed.
- Glenn

- Contains Spoilers -

There are hundreds of tomes out there about audiences and who goes to see what and why. Armchair film academics such as myself inhale this stuff like oxygene.  We're easy to spot - I'm the girl on vacation in Vegas reading Open Wide by the pool.

I'm not a bitch and I feel sure no one who knows me would call me a snob either. But, there are only so many hours in a day. And films ARE personal. When it comes to this stuff, I've gotten to the point where I can tell if I should be engaging simply by a person's Netflix requirements. Allow me to demonstrate:

A) Potential:
Me: Hey, do you have Netflix?
Brutha from Anuthah Muthah: Yeah. Did you see they just added the Director's Cut to Last Tango in Paris?

B) Fugget-about-it:
Me: Hey, do you have Netflix?
So-Not-Me: I was thinking of getting it but my brother-in-law's on there and he says it's all old stuff.

Now, if you fall into Category B allow me to just stop you right here. I'm going to do the unthinkable and let us both off the hook: this post and in fact probably my whole site is just a waste of your time. I'm inciting dialogue from like-minded participants who know (or want to know) the difference between John Cassavetes and John Hughes. I feel you may be looking for something a little more like this.

Group A? Let's dig into that largely unexploited goldmine I like to call The 1990's sympaticomedy. We'll be making a few stops at Liev-ville along the way.

Which came first, the Egg or the Chicken-in-the-one-where-Monica-cooks-chicken-for-thanksgiving-because-Chandler-hates-turkey? Who cares - as long as our hair looks adorably low-maintenance while we're trying to figure it all out.

Was there anything better than being in your twenties in the 1990's? Seattle bands and cozy flannel aside, the 90's let us know it was okay to blow an entire day on pursuits of complete and utter avarice, like hunting down the perfect cup of coffee. They spawned such classics as Reality Bites and Singles, which paved the way for some lesser known journeys of self discovery, like Walking and Talking, Daytrippers, Party Girl, Denise Calls Up and His & Hers.

We love these films and more importantly we feel possessive about them because those times are SO long gone. We yearn for it. Today, finding the perfect cup of coffee is not so much about time suckage, but rather the carbon footprint we leave while driving around looking for a cute place. We want the decor to be very now, even though we never once actually sit down. By the time we discover our Global-Java-Spa (fair trade beans and osmosis water only), select our my-condiments-define-me accompaniment and choose the size of our 100% recyclable vessel, we're already feeling self-rightious and vindicated. How the shit tastes anymore is the least of our concerns.

Carl is, and I'm not being biased here, the most interesting character in The Daytrippers. Liev's take dissipates some of the stench that would normally come with Carl's desperation. Any one dimensional actor would have made him the guy you love to hate. Every road trip movie needs one of those. Instead, Carl's someone you could actually spend a New York Day squished in the backseat of a cold car with.

For maybe 75% of Walking and Talking, we should find self-serving Andrew to be a moderately unlikeable putz. He's pouty towards his mother, milks his father's alzheimers for empathy from strangers, braggs about phone sex with a woman he has no intention of ever meeting skin-on-skin and, oh yeah, is addicted to porn. (Or porno, as they called it back then.) A real treat, yes? With Liev it is. Skinny-dipping and black leather pants aside, Liev's Andrew is monumentally appealing because he's trying, which is more than I can say for many of the one-note characters out there today passing as full-on heroes.

Gerry of His and Hers should be the bad guy as a philandering, sex-deprived husband who's lack of sympathy towards his pregnant wife's plummeted libido leads him straight into the arms of her best friend. But with faceted Liev at the helm, and the always-sharp Ginzu knife, Gerry's the misunderstood husband with the heart of gold.

I was recently chatting with someone who said that in the 90's a movie like Every Day, with a compelling story and known actors like Liev and Helen Hunt, would have been a sleeper that became film bread & butter. Today it's an indie on limited release that's gone straight to video.  

Meanwhile the Studio Fat Cats are off trending who will score Shrek 26, since both Randy Newman and Elton John aren't exactly spring chickens.

I guess I still have a lot to learn about Hollyweird if that continues to shock me.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Civility in the Midst of Crazy

Yesterday I got all hot under the collar about the PAP CRAP that's being flung around right now. Since the Schreiber/Watts family arrived in Los Angeles, pursuit of them has been relentless and unyielding.

Do you ever wonder how things actually play out from their side of that pernicious lens?

Someone sent me a pap video which shows the depths these celebrity barnacles will sink to. Now, I fought with myself over whether or not to post this, but I do think it serves a purpose and illustrates my point.

Note the pervy, desperate panting on the camera man. SICK.

- At 14 seconds, Sasha looks out, spots the camera and worriedly runs behind the safety of the stroller.

-  At 44 seconds Liev, who they keep calling "Live" approaches and asks them what they suggest he do since they are now surrounded on both sides of the laneway. He just wants to take his family for a bikeride. He comes at them gracious and accommodating.

- At 1:16 a woman walking by yells at the PAPS, calling them "mean assholes." Liev is inclined to agree but stays above it and decides he's probably wasting his time.  He gives up and returns to his family.

Now, these scum suckers do let them get on their bikes and ride off, but that last about 30 seconds. The video stops here, and of course we know what happened next because photos of them on this boulevard are everywhere today.

The irony in all this is the Tweets and Google Alerts of the day all want to call them "Hollywood's Happiest Family." And yet this industry is doing everything possible to ruin their day.

I'm at a total loss.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liev: The Velvet Hammer

I use this term of endearment to try and somehow encapsulate the double edged power that is Liev's voice. Whether you've stuck it through an entire screening of Constantine's Sword for only like 15 seconds of the pleasure, or caught an Infiniti commercial as you walked by the TV, it's burned on your brain forever.

What better way to spend this frigid weekend than curled up with two of my favourite things? History and Liev. *Happy Sigh* My shiny new dvd's of America: The Story of Us arrived yesterday and I'm positively itching to get started.

My parents weren't beachy people, so growing up our summer holidays were spent on historic learning endeavours. This Canadian kid toured the White House, camped in a traditional Mohican Tipi and spent a week on an Amish Farm by the time she reached the double digits!

Giggle, I sound like a car ad myself but it's not just about learning, it's a way of life.

Ah well. This'll be my own guilt free version of a Peanut Buster Parfait.

And I apologize, this clip is ridiculously quick. The actual trailer does not contain Liev's voice (?) and I didn't want to post one of the Youtube videos as I want to encourage people to invest in this wonderful project.

Short but sweet:

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


(EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE; PREMIUM RATES APPLY) in the audience at the 64th Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 13, 2010 in New York City.

CAVEAT: While I realize this could be considered gossip, it's career oriented and does not in any way infringe (that I can think of) on Liev's personal life. It also bodes well for those of us who've been praying to the Oscar Gods that the perfect role will land in Liev's lap and his genius will finally be revealed to the world in BIGGY SIZE.

There's a Tweet going around saying Liev has just signed with new management by way of one Jason Weinberg at Untitled. If I had to sum this Group up in a word, it would be progressive. Weinberg appears to be a guy who gets the job done. *Churn that butter*

If you subscribe at all to my theories about connections, a glance at Weinberg's Talent Roster begs the question what took you so long? I know Hollyworld is a small place but, seriously, check this out:

(And there may be more - this is just off the top of my head):

  • Naomi - Obvious one.
  • Simon Baker - Friend - also husband of Naomi's galpal/co-star Rebecca Rigg (Ellie Parker)
  • Melanie Griffith - Worked with Liev (RKO 281)
  • Carla Cugino - Worked with Liev (Every Day) and Pablo Schreiber (Desire under the Elms)
  • Anne Heche - Worked with Liev (Walking and Talking)
  • Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher - Worked with Liev and Naomi (the 24 Hours Plays)
  • Julia Stiles - Worked with Liev (Hamlet and The Omen)
  • Parker Posey - Worked with Liev (Mixed Nuts, Partygirl, The Daytrippers)
  • Minnie Driver - Friend
  • Marisa Tomei - Friend
  • Laura Dern - Worked with Naomi (We Don't Live Here Anymore)
  • Ryan Merrimen - Worked with Naomi and Simon Baker (The Ring II)
Quite an accomplished posse, n'est-ce pas? Let's hope this Managerial transition is a smooth and FRUITFUL one for all.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: Wardrobe WOWfunctions

Had the price been blindness, I would still have looked
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

As March drones on and the temperature continues to hover around -30c. (Which is -22F for all you Imperialists out there ) there's only so much a girl can do to stay warm. Now, I'm not talking about needing a pinch-hitter between the sheets. No, Sir.  We've got that covered, thanks.

I'm talking about needing to send your mind off to that happy place on those days when the ice is so thick on the windshield it takes 15 minutes of scraping and bashing just to break through.

Like today.

So I present to you, my Top Ten Favourite Liev Wardrobe WOWfunctions:

10. I'm going to start with Ted Winters in Salt; a definite favourite and one of the reasons is it's more recent. And I just happen to think Liev's looking especially yummy right now. Suits are always good and since we only get to see Ted on the clock, there are lots of conservative ties and trenchcoats to go around. Also, loving the tight haircut. You can really see Liev's eyes when his coif's edited in this way.

9. Can you tell I'm all about cozy? Mischa's sweater in Jakob the Liar looks so warm, I bet I'd start purring if I saw it in person.  I'll admit at first wasn't crazy about the Elmer Fudd hat, but then Mischa's youthful optimism grabbed a hold of me and I began to see the scrutiny behind that specific wardrobe decision. Liev's so adorable here I just want to lean in for a full on raspberry.

8. Sometimes you need to see a little skin, and Robert Thorn's blue-blood wifebeater in The Omen delivers on your request in spades. We're rarely treated to anything beyond Liev's bare arms, but here his powerful shoulders play well against the backdrop of a man who's at his most vulnerable.

7. Appealing Lotario is about as jovial as it gets for Liev. In addition to it being a Period Costume, (EXCELLENT!) the blousy, open shirt latin references with the chic vest really informs his attitudes about life and love. You look at him and words like Picnic and Romp and Lust spring to mind. He's definitely someone who whistles as he dresses in front of the mirror each morning.

6. Carl in the Daytrippers tries too hard with people, but his wardrobe is put together in such a way that once it's on, little effort is required. Taking that fashion era into account, we have to concede that the nod to primary colours is Carl's way of exuding forced confidence. I'm LOVING the scarf action on Liev and bet you're wishing you could sniff it since he wears it through most of the movie. Am I right?

5. Stuart of Kate & Leopold is good in all time periods. LOVE his choice of costume for when time travelling and his modern day look is pretty close to Liev himself, so with Stuart we really get the best of both worlds. There's something about Liev in a rich, deep coloured coat with a white shirt underneath that you feel right down to your toes.

4. In Spring Forward, Paul and his ubiquitous outerwear is definitely part of the scenery. My favourite is the Don't-Shoot-Me orange hoody. There's just something so cute about it. I want to pull up that hood, tug on those laces and beep his nose through the hole.

3. While I was not especially fond of the blue elastic trackpants, I did appreciate some of Clark Barnes' looks. Really enjoyed the longer hair for some stranger reason (totally unlike me). It's amazing how Liev can change everything about himself with just his hair. I know this is true of all of us but with him it's like everything's different. Anyway, my favourite of all Clark's wardrobe changes is in the slideshow above, wearing outerwear. (Again with the cozy... I know. *rolling my eyes at myself*)

2. Okay, I devoted an entire look to Liev's portrayal of Orson because it's just that good. Wardrobe definitely represented here. Two hours of Liev in fine habardashery is something you tuck away for a lousy day, all right.

And my favourite wardrobe moment ever for Liev....the real jaw dropper:

1) Cotton in cotton. That creamy sweater. So. Friggin. Hot. I think I actually gasped the first time I saw it - which is why I usually screen Liev projects alone. Said it many times here, I'm a shoulders girl and Liev's lovely sweater highlights his physique magnificently.

Looking forward to more projects from Liev so we can keep adding to this list.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm on a roll...

Hey Guys,

Thanks for your emails and comments. All is well despite freezing temperatures and the inevitable cabin fever that comes with it.

Just taking a couple of days here to really focus on my screenplay before I say goodbye to this baby and send it out into the universe.

I'll be back on Tuesday with a Top Ten List that'll warm things up around here.

Big hugs

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Giving Boris a Spin

Satire is a Lesson; Parody is a Game.
- Vladimir Nabokov

~ Contains Spoilers ~

The great thing about an ensemble cast is that no one person gets to monopolize the glory.
The shitty thing about an ensemble cast is that no one person gets to monopolize the glory.

I was able to make some Liev Only screen caps for our slideshow today, but only because this film breaks one of David Mamet's rules. I apologize for paraphrasing as I do not have the book with me but Mamet instructs Directors to never give an Actor too much to do at once. The opening scene of Spinning Boris is all Liev, talking on the phone (sometimes 2 phones), picking up and sending faxes, pacing the room, reading memos and remaining clear all while sustaining two simultaneaous conversations, remembering his lines and looking absolutely delicious doing it. It's the only time he has the camera to himself. Now that's talent!

I enjoyed Spinning Boris immensly, and that could have to do with the fact that Liev looked like he was enjoying it so much. There's something about watching an exceedingly intelligent person speak and think and act wryly for two hours, tongue firmly planted in cheek, that really appeals to me. It's like he doesn't even have to try.

The schvitz scenes are (of course) a special treat but I'm leaving those images out to encourage you to purchase this film on your own. Liev looks suitably and hilariously modest in these scenes; nothing short of endearing. Bathtowel action always pays off, but this film gives a lot more. Intellectual foreplay is the key to grabbing my attention every time.

There's a discernable sense of camaraderie here, as though Liev and these guys really are pals and cohorts. There are moments of frustration or challenge for the characters that come from cultural differences mixed with stygmas about Russia - and they force us to examine how much propaganda we've absorbed over the years. Leading by example, this film makes us understand that it's our duty as free citizens to question and not simply sit back, accepting what we're being fed. 

I enjoyed the mechanics of watching them learn to massage such a convaluted system, blending the two political ideologies. Each man has his own strengths, but there's also a fortitude that comes from them having worked together for so long. Goldblum's little flirtation with the First Daughter was highly amusing and I actually pulled a Danny Thomas when LaPaglia asked him "Jesus, should we light you a cigarette?" after one of their breathier exchanges.

The scene where they're all calling their brokers out on the balcony is a snapshot of Western Capitalism at its finest, also serving to remind us that they have a life back home (Liev plays a newlywed) and they're not just here on some do-gooder Democratic Reform koom-by-yah homework assignment.

Spinning Boris delivered much more than I was expecting. There's nothing better than seeing Liev in his element. And it's a great way to spend two hours if you have an open mind and are interested in peeking beyond the boundaries of what you think you know.   

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: Who Does He Think He Is?

Liev as I know him is pre-dated by his way-too-short run on CSI. What this means is I've never had the pleasure of being able to count on weekly, glossy TV newness from His Hotness. sob

There are probably a hundred lists I could write about shows I cannot believe Liev was not on. (Sopranos? Hellooooo David Chase?) And of course it's hard to remain unbiased - at this point I would be thrilled seeing him in just about anything. This is what happens when you're a cheerleader on the bench.

So, in the spirit of Television I've decided to conjure up a list of the Top Ten TV Shows in which I would like to see Liev appear. Unlike my previous If I Ruled the World style lists, this one is actually realistic. These shows could happen.

In order of pertinence to me, here are the Top Ten TV Shows I Wish for Liev.

10. Big Love: Anyone who's familiar with the film Phantoms knows that strapping on a pair of Dwight Schrute glasses does not instantly a creepy goofball make. Liev actually put some effort into playing Deputy Stu and flushed that character out beyond what was needed, to our benefit. I would be thrilled for Liev to bring some of that restrained craziness to Big Love.  He deserves a chance to take a few risks and bang out some kind of wacky-do character for TV. Does Nicky need a stalker? Does Margene have a brother we don't know about? A new lover for Alby?  How much hilarity could ensue? *Rubbing my devious hands together* 

9. Californication: I don't really need to spell this one out for you, do I? Giggle.

8. Criminal Minds: I think artistically Liev is borderline too talented for these crime dramas. His layered portrayal of Mike Kepplar gave people downright visceral reactions to his character arc. We needed to understand why Catherine would be so broken up over his death, so Kepplar wore his struggles on his sleeve and Catherine (the mother-figure of the shift) picked up on it. I want some Liev as another good-at-heart guy, on either side of the law, and Criminal Minds has just the kind of brain bending situations this calls for.

7. Weeds: Judah and Andy need a brother. Andy's such a free spirit and Judah sounds like he was a modern day tzadik. How about a character for Liev that's being tugged in both directions? I think Liev would play off both Mary Louise Parker and Justin Kirk very well, indeed.

6. Damages: With Tom Shayes gone, Patty and Ellen need a man at the helm who can ride the rough patches and relish the good times (time?). Liev would reflect back Glenn Close's insane roller coaster of devotion and disdain with an acute sharpness that I'm sure few could muster.

5. The Martha Stewart Show: Liev has said he enjoys cooking and we know he appreciates food. I would love to see him go domestic next to this post-menopausal doyenne. Plus, would the sexual tension not be HILARIOUS? What could be funnier than Martha Unthawed?

4. Saturday Night Live: I'm hearing of more and more celebs who've eschewed these hallowed halls due to personal conflicts because of the show's extremely competitive and combative us or them culture. But Liev is quick witted and incredibly self-depracating, the two qualities that an effective SNL guest must have. In fact, why hasn't this already happened?

3. Inside the Actor's Studio: This venerable series spends an hour each week digging into the careers of actors. I cannot decide what part I would rather see. Having James Lipton dig into Liev's early influences would be a treat, but the piece de resistance could just as easily be the famous Bernard Pivot questions.

2. Who Do You Think You Are:  My new favourite show. If you've never watched this family journey, you're seriously missing out. Celebs use geneological resources to resolve unanswered family questions and get to the bottom of their origins. I've never made it through an episode dry-eyed. And the idea of watching Liev excavate a facet of his family history, just knowing the impact that his grandfather Alex Milgram had on him, would be truly riveting television. I want to know Who Does He Think He Is?

1. 86th Annual Academy Awards: Can you just see it? Liev accepting the Best Actor award? I chose the 86th because that gives me enough time to finish my screenplay, snair a Producer to fall in love with it, attach Liev, find a Director, pre-pro, shoot it, post-pro and then get it into the festival circuit.

Someone alert Liev: this role begs a ponytail so start growing out those curls, Babe.

My list = My dream