Friday, March 11, 2011

Civility in the Midst of Crazy

Yesterday I got all hot under the collar about the PAP CRAP that's being flung around right now. Since the Schreiber/Watts family arrived in Los Angeles, pursuit of them has been relentless and unyielding.

Do you ever wonder how things actually play out from their side of that pernicious lens?

Someone sent me a pap video which shows the depths these celebrity barnacles will sink to. Now, I fought with myself over whether or not to post this, but I do think it serves a purpose and illustrates my point.

Note the pervy, desperate panting on the camera man. SICK.

- At 14 seconds, Sasha looks out, spots the camera and worriedly runs behind the safety of the stroller.

-  At 44 seconds Liev, who they keep calling "Live" approaches and asks them what they suggest he do since they are now surrounded on both sides of the laneway. He just wants to take his family for a bikeride. He comes at them gracious and accommodating.

- At 1:16 a woman walking by yells at the PAPS, calling them "mean assholes." Liev is inclined to agree but stays above it and decides he's probably wasting his time.  He gives up and returns to his family.

Now, these scum suckers do let them get on their bikes and ride off, but that last about 30 seconds. The video stops here, and of course we know what happened next because photos of them on this boulevard are everywhere today.

The irony in all this is the Tweets and Google Alerts of the day all want to call them "Hollywood's Happiest Family." And yet this industry is doing everything possible to ruin their day.

I'm at a total loss.