Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lucky Kentucky ☼

"The thing that gets me through is the audience.
It's that ambiguous exchange of energy that I
still don't understand but that I've become addicted to."
- Liev Schreiber

It's just a Shakespeare kind of week, isn't it?

We started off wondering if Liev will be appearing in Measure for Measure at the Delacorte this summer (the jury's still out on that one). I got so caught up in our ponderings on said possibility that I forgot a confirmed appearance with regards to Liev and Shakespeare, which is Friday night in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Here's the official Event Site.

Hopefully some generous Liev Lover will attend and share their experience with us.

Fingers crossed! 


Brantley Dunaway, the MC for the evening, sent me this fabulous message. Not only did Brantley work with Liev on Love in the Time of Cholera, but they also apparantly share a love of the Bard. THANKS BRANTLEY! xo

Just thought I would share one of the comments posted on Kentucky Shakespeare's page about Liev's work on Shakespeare.....
"I've been listening to Shakespeare for the last 10 years, but last night was the first time I heard it. Thank you for such a wonderful evening!"