Friday, February 11, 2011

My Malfunction at the Mamet Junction

There are few things I do as well laughing at myself. This gets easier as the opportunity to practice said skill grows at an increasingly alarming rate. It is what it is. So, if you get this right out of the gate, enjoy a chuckle (probably all day) at my expense. And if not, it's not worth looking up. Trust me.

In preparation for our first Valetines Day here on the site, I decided to veer away from the safety of Shakespeare as my lovely muse and try something different. An odd decision, especially considering the rapid rate at which I've been devouring his work of late.

Not sure what inspired me to search for something Fresh and Modern.

I was looking for a literary co-hort with which to bandy about the notions of love and sex all those elusive concepts we want for ourselves and our choice for soulmate, roommate or even nightmate.

And so...






Thinking it was going to be 48 pages of just what I need to write the perfect Cupid Blog, I turned to David Mamet's play Romance.