Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One thing, one, one thing leads to anuuuuuthuh...

After a shitty day, I got home to find my latest issue of The New Yorker in the mailbox. We had dinner and then decided to unwind and watch a couple of episodes of Dexter on DVD. Then, I dug into my Big Apple Treat.

A few precious pages in, who do I see but Liev's brother Pablo Schreiber - starring off Broadway in the production of Gruesome Playground Injuries (started January 5th). And who's co-starring, you ask? Jennifer Carpenter (Deb on Dexter).  Here's the link.

So,  I decide to Google Pablo some more and see if I can find any review on this new show yet. None so far, but I do find a review from a 2009 production of Eugene O'Neill's Desire Under the Elms starring Pablo. And guess who's co-starring? Carla Gugino and Brian Dennehy! Here's that link.

It just seems so bizarre that on the eve if the Every Day premiere in theatres here, I should find an old play starring Carla, Brian and a Schreiber. I know it's a small world and even moreso in Show Biz but seriously?

It begs the question - which came first? Did Liev meet Carla or Brian through Pablo? We know Liev is a generous actor who does bring friends into his projects whenever he can. (I have a list somewhere but I'm sick of lists today so I'll spare us all).

Forgive me, my liege. This is where my mind takes me when it's completely fried and looking for a place to wander.

Nighty night.