Sunday, February 20, 2011

It seems like just yesterday...

... that Liev's perfect voice (I like to call it the Velvet Hammer) brought the game of hockey to many new fans with HBO's Road to the Winter Classic.

Today, our own Heritage Classic (the original Canadian version of the Winter Classic) is taking place here in Calgary! With temperature approaching -20 I can tell you that I'm slightly relieved not to have tickets. The pull to go would be unmeasurable and I'm feeling pretty wimpy about the cold these days.

Besides, the indoor family talegateing event we're about to partake of will be second to none. My Calgary Flames are full of spirit and have risen from 14th place to 4th in the last 2 weeks. Things are looking up!

The only thing that would make this sunny Gameday any better would be if Liev were colour commentator of the events for us. I still get choked up thinking about the Winter Classic and the amazing job he did. He captured the heart and soul of the game - he really GETS it. Seriously, watch this for just 2 minutes and tell me you aren't an instant hockey fan: