Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heroics on the Gerbil Wheel

Today I heard an older interview in which someone poses questions to Liev about positive aspects of a character, and Liev's response leans more towards the darker, or what he calls "humane" side. He comes right out and says that he has never played a hero before! I just finished watching A Walk on the Moon  (better late than never) and I  now feel compelled to ponder how Liev defines hero.  

Pearl comments on how she wants more for her daughter than what they have, and she says it so wistfully that Marty is visibly hurt and confused. And so he should be.

I might sound old fashioned and no doubt someone's going to serve me up a shit sandwich for this, but I don't care.

Every gene in most of our men's bodies still recognizes the hunter/gatherer urge and all that entails. They're either doing it or they're not doing it and deep down feeling like crap because they're not. Of course there are many exceptions to the rule and there are people on both sides who want to tag along for the ride. I'm not talking about those types. I'm talking about a man who wakes up every morning knowing he must once again hop back on the gerbil wheel and be the breadwinner; and can still find a way to shoot you a genuine, from-the-heart smile.

When Pearl laments how she never found her purpose in life, Marty asks the question "Who stopped you?" I screamed YES at the TV because that's exactly what I was feeling. Your man is not there to fill the missing void. You owe it to yourself to figure that out. The more you wonder and the longer you wait, the more imposing that gaping abyss will become.

I have a fulfilling job, a creative mind and wonderful friends. On the glass half full/empty debate, my reaction is usually to feel thankful that I have a glass in the first place. And this attitude has not been handed to me. This has come to me after a series of curve balls and stories just like the ones you have had in your life, I’m sure.

Here’s the thing: my husband is elated when he comes home and I have dinner ready for him. To him it means something. I work 8 hrs a day too but it's important so I take the time to do it.

You same bitches who are smirking about the above are asking me what I get in return.

I get a thrill when I step out of the bathroom in the morning and he's already cleaned the snow off my car.

I get a thrill when I can feel him staring at me from across the room as I talk with someone at a party.

I get a thrill that I can still stop time just by sitting on his lap.

Put away your chai stained copy of Existentialism for Dummies and grab hold of the reins, or your partner's ears or whatever you need to pull yourself over that wall. Your man, if he's worth keeping, is waiting for you on the other side.

As for Liev, I don't comment on his personal life but I cannot help wondering if it's just easier (or less revealing) to be self-deprecating in these interviews? We all have our own ideas of what a hero is. And this one woman is saying that mine do not wear capes; never will.

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