Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Liev is Illuminated

Finally got my DVD of Everything is Illuminated yesterday.


Warm. Husky. Tragic. Charming. Saturated. Deliberate. Clever. Atmospheric. Sweet. Gut-wrenching. Whimsical. Transformative. Rich. Engulfing. Horrific. Perfumed. Familial. Osmotic. Critical. Protective. Zeitgeist.

After my recent and abundant Liev-ducation I’ve seen a lot of The Man in short order. I’ve gazed upon him in a dress; I've watched him make a bloody mess. (Okay, yes, enough Dr. Seuss.)

The point is I’ve spent some time illuminated by different versions of Liev on the outside. So, I was particularly intrigued at the prospect of looking at Liev on the inside. (No, this is not referring to an episode of C.S.I. We’ll get to that another day.)

Schreiber is German surname meaning "scribe" or "writer", often compared to English Clark or Clerk.

And what could be a better way to understand this Schreiber than by experiencing his writing? My only problem now is that I have not read the original novel. So, I have no point of reference or yardstick with which to gauge his genius.

Dum de dum… off to for the 600th time this month. Stay tuned. ♫♪

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