Sunday, December 5, 2010

Orson 2.0 Upgrade

Apologies in advance for the shameless eyelash batting that will no doubt ensue but what's a girl to do? Last night I had the privilege of watching RKO 281. Twice. In a row. With no bathroom breaks and only a lukewarm glass of water by my side.

Let's start by thanking Liev for the fabulous and long overdue upgrade. The new version is working much better for me.

In the wise words of Mr. Ray Parker Jr.: Who you gonna call?


A few years ago my husband and I made it a goal to watch all the shows on the AFI's list. (Okay, yes, we're still a few short). We were surprised to find that we had already seen many of them before we met. However neither of us had the fortitude, thus far, to conquer Citizen Kane. Yes, it is on the list and yes everyone claims to love it but if I'm honest, clips left me feeling ambivalent and as a result I had always balked.

Of course we loved it and kicked ourselves for not having given in sooner. It's like the tourist trap thing - because it's that good.

So, to appreciate that film is a great start. To admire Liev and think of him being in the movie behind the movie; even better. But, to be afforded the pleasure of 121 minutes of Liev looking so dapper in sculpted hair and perfectly tailored suits, his clean shaven face lit just-so? Perfect.

And that VOICE.

There are no (more) words...