Monday, December 20, 2010

Shakespeare, You Kiss Your Mother with That Mouth?

Sometimes, when Kevin's really tired, he's too lazy to read his own book and gets me to read from mine aloud. He's been less than enthralled with my current enthusiasm towards the Bard. Until last night. Cymbeline has piqued some interest.

He asked me to re-read this part a couple of times. Boys...(giggle)

This is from ACT II, when Cloten brings in the musicians to woo Imogen awake (in the bedroom next door).


Winning will put any man into courage. If I could
get this foolish Imogen, I should have gold enough.
It's almost morning, is't not?

Day, my lord.

I would this music would come: I am advised to give
her music o' mornings; they say it will penetrate.

Enter Musicians

Come on; tune: if you can penetrate her with your
fingering, so; we'll try with tongue too: if none
will do, let her remain; but I'll never give o'er.
First, a very excellent good-conceited thing;
after, a wonderful sweet air, with admirable rich
words to it: and then let her consider.



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