Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Change of Plans

A very special package arrived today - as in SEASON 7 of CSI! How long have I been waiting for this? Naturally, dear old Jimmy Stewart has been put on hold for this momentus occasion.

It's significant for more than the obvious reason, which would be NEW Liev.

We used to be huge fans of CSI and would not miss an episode. Then, in 2005 my Mom was diagnosed with dementia. She had always been kind of squeamish (says the girl who holds a pillow for the entire show). But for some reason as the disease took over her mind (and turned her into someone else) the graphic stuff no longer bothered her and she took a real liking to the show.

I do recall that she enjoyed Liev's character, saying he was "dark and interesting." I missed Season 7 as I was always doing respite care those nights. I haven't really been able to watch the show at all since.

Here's a great opportunity for me to cozy up to my Mom, as she was, all the while studying Mr. Liev.


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