Sunday, January 9, 2011

Got a Bigger Name on the Other Line?

As my inbox continues to fill with photos of Liev and family frolicking about the Southern Hemosphere, I sip my morning coffee in -19 weather with no ability to relate to the sun kissed cheeks and bare feet these photos capture. I downright forget what summer feels like.

I crack open my just-arrived issue of The New Yorker, my weekend treat, and see yet another reason why spending the holidays in Australia was a good thing for Liev.

Conflicting Engagements. Sparring Social Calendars.
All Dressed Down and Every Place to Go.

New Years Day alone would have been a buddy's nightmare for the guy who knows everyone.

Eric Bogosian, director of Talk Radio (and subject of Liev's senior thesis), was reading something hypnotically gripping (no doubt) at the Bowery Poetry Club, along with Patti Smith and Suzanne Vega.

Ethan Hawke, fellow thesp and Young Shakespearean, started his run in The New Group's stage production of Tommy Nohilly's Blood from a Stone at the Acorn. (Along with the fabulous Natasha Lyonne.)

And last but not least...

Gogol Bordello, ever illuminating, unleashed their newest vibe "Transcontinental Hustle" at Terminal 8.

I'm thinking Liev's glad he was out of town - how could he ever have made a choice?

WOW - too much culture at your doorstep. There's a concept.

What do you get when you cross Grrrrr and Brrrrrr?

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