Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Knicks lost but we all WIN!

Liev was looking casually yummy at the Knicks game last night. Anna Wintour is charmed (of course) and obviously approved of his wardrobe choice.

Then the Cheerleaders appeared and, well, all that polyester did furrow a few brows. ;-)

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  1. She could take off her glasses and stay a while. jeez

  2. I must admit, I do get annoyed when people insist on keeping their sunglasses on while inside a building!

    Unless you have some harsh aversion to bright light, it's just rude!


  3. Well I've been guilty of "wearing my SUNglasses INside~" lol Anna Wintour seems too cool for rules. I'm more miffed she got to sit next to Liev at a Knicks game! I wonder what the impetus to watching the Knicks at center court would be?? lol My father's a huge Knicks fan, but he spends most games cussing at the TV lol