Friday, March 25, 2011

Favourite Photo Fridays: The Groundhog Lied

In honour of today's snow dump (yes, it's the worst "spring" I can recall) I found this cute wintery photo of Liev from Sundance 2000. This serves to remind me that boots and sweaters can still be a good thing - even though all I want right now is my ballet flats and capris.



  1. Damn, he looks so dashing. And I am so sick of the "Spring" already. I'm sure it's nothing compared to what you must be getting up there, but honestly, random snow fall is annoying me lol

  2. I love Spring, but then, Spring in the UK is usually Spring!! Weather has been warming, the daffodils and crocuses are all blooming, the cherry blossom has started showing...


  3. I usually don't curse, under any circumstance. But seeing this picture I just have to say it. Damn! That is one fine looking Liev.

  4. I have to agree - it's HOT. LOVE it!!!