Friday, March 18, 2011

Makin' Do

I have to apologize, posting as of late has been a challenge while things get and stay busy around here. Then again, maybe you'd rather just look at snazzy photos and not have to read my lengthy diatribes? I've considered this, I promise.

Anyway, a nagging bout of isomnia last night had me looking at old pics and I found this series from the US Open back in August of 2002.

They're all cute but I really like this one with Grande Dame Sylvia Miles and would be thrilled to know the story behind it. (Because there's got to be a story behind every Liev photo, right? )


  1. I adore this picture lol It looks like a movie poster to me, for some reason, and Liev wearing those bright electric-blue sneakers left me smiling for a while the first time I saw it.

    I do wonder if anyone knows the story behind this lol

  2. I do love his eccentricities! They really resonate with my inner (and outer) hippy!!! Those trainers are fab!!!

    I actually do something similar; The shoes I wear for work had an open top to them, so I always wear brightly coloured socks!! When people ask me why, because I'm sure some people think I look like a total tosser, I just tell them 'I don't do boring socks!'


  3. You're a cutie in your Mary Janes, I can just see it. Great minds think a like.

    She must be saying something scintillating here because he's looking right at her mouth. Wish I'd been a fly on the wall.