Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There are no words...

... to prepare a girl for something like this. 


  1. You, my friend, are a dork! AND I LOVE YAH FOR PROVING THAT I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE! lol I adore this pic. He looks so damned handsome. The glint in his eyes is very enigmatic. Sigh... *stares wistfully at pic*

  2. What can I say? TOP 5 Worst Weeks EVER

    All Told:
    3 deaths
    2 funerals
    1 eviction
    Plus, today a guy I fired almost 2 months ago came into my office CRYING and said he can't forget me and begged me. SO AWFUL.

    I need some simple JOY.

  3. For the love of all that's Liev, that's fucking awful =C I'm sorry. I'll try looking in my folders for pics that might just cheer you up =P

  4. Not far behind you, love!

    1 death, with another potentially on the way...
    1 funeral, with another potentially on the way...
    1 mother with dangerously high blood pressure and arthritic knees
    1 annoying boyf who won't stop asking questions and trying to smother me... The urge to tell him to f*ck off is becoming ever more difficult to resist.

    On the plus side; I got my Every Day region 1 DVD!!! Going to cap it tonight!!

    Had to get region 1, as it's not out on region 2 yet, and probably won't be for a while...


  5. Looks like a tiger spotting its

  6. Grrr...

    Got my His and Hers DVd today!!!!

    Going to finish capping Every Day, then going to watch it!!


  7. How did you like His and Hers, Seph?

    Hey Praise, I agree. But it makes you wonder, was the photographer the prey or WHAT EXACTLY is he pondering?