Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Something of Symphony Space?

"Even as a very young man, I knew that my family is like a plant.
Uproot it, and it will wilt. Pluck away at it, and it will die.
But leave it to thrive in the soil, untouched, and it will
weather both gods and winds. It is born with the soil, and
it will live so long as the soil shall live."
Etgar Keret

Liev with Jonathan Safran Froer in 2008.

Symphony Space looks like a very cool venue. However, when it comes to Liev at Symphony Space, I've got nothing! Nada. Zip. Zero. Can't find even a smidgen of info on tonight's readings. No one's talking. No photos anywhere.

If you were fortunate enough to attend and are feeling the love, please share. We'd be thrilled to hear about it. (Or if as in my situation you could not attend, maybe "Like" the venue on Facebook and ask them to post photos if you're so inclined?!)

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