Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays ~ Iconclastic Enthusiastic

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."
-- Albert Einstein 

It's such a well worn question that it's become a bit of a clich√©. You know, the old "If you could spend a day with anyone, who would you choose?"  The Sundance Channel has made this question walk the talk with their one hour program Iconclasts which explores just exactly that. I'm new to the show and not sure how the two parties are selected or how much say they each have in who they share the playbill with each week. While I learn more (and don't know the regulations) I thought it would be fun to pull together a list of those who would make good counterparts for Liev.

Oh yeah, and time is on my side. Unlike the real Iconclasts, I have the luxury of choosing from a posthumous pool of genius as well. My site, my rules.  ;-)

So, here are my Top Ten Choices for Iconclastic Liev:

Johnny Cash:
On the surface these two men could not be more different. But since when have we only looked at the surface around here? Thruth is they share humble beginnings, successfull & beautiful wives and an appreciation for poetry. Sometimes that's all you need to get a good thing going. I can just see the Man in Black, humble as he was, taking in what Liev has to say and sharing his own thoughts through his stories and experiences.

Fran Lebowitz:
I originally thought this would be too close (and assumed the point was to use people who were very different in order to highlight unique qualities) but in reviewing the site I noticed that one episode featured Paul Newman and Robert Redford. If Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid can be on a show then these two people of very similar backgrounds then Liev and Fran would be PERFECT. I'm assuming that topics of discussion would include the lamenting of old New York as well as a rant on the days of smoking. Both would be fascinating to me.

William Shakespeare
This one's a given, right? We cannot forget that there's a vast difference between how we see Shakespeare now and what he was in his day. I would love for Liev to be the one to tell him just who and what he has become. And in terms of dedication, there are few alive who deserve the right more. 

Mae West
I cannot think of a single modern male who could handle a day with this bodacious broad more than Liev. So many of our current leading men would falter quickly under her power and her prowess. She would devour many current box office stars whole. Not Liev. I think he could handle it and I would love love love the reparte√© that would not doubt ensue.

John Lennon
I think an afternoon with John would be great for Liev and us on so many levels. Mostly I think Liev would be a sweet, adoring fan (as I would), so had I the power this would feel a little like giving Liev a great gift. Pretty sure John would end up feeling enriched by the experience too. How could he not?

Orson Wells
Considering how well Liev put himself into this man's shoes, how fascinating would it be for these two men to speak as contemporaries from across time and space. PLUS, with both those incredible voices, this day would be a red letter day for audiophile fans of both these great talents. Let the frissons begin!

Albert Einstein
If only to watch Liev in learning mode. Liev's a man with a deep respect for knowledge, which means he must see himself as a bit of a sponge. And Einstein with his unique views on the world, life and order not only in his day but for all time - it's a recipe for contempletive growth. The aftertaste would be spectacular.

Anna Karenina
I know she's not a real person, but seriously, is she not a hubrid of so many of us? Could Liev not lend some sparkle to the life of this woman who's husband's conversation consists of farm reports and weather patterns? Is she not a self-perceived slave to her life, her family, and the boundaries of her own mind? How many Anna Karinena's do we all know out there? This one would definitely be Liev on the giving end.

Syd Vicious
This could go either way but I'm thinking funny. Would love to hear Liev explain the concept of an IPad to the man who was so sure he knew everything. And perhaps his lingering wife who was born to please would be there to serve them straight bourbon - in broken jam jars of course.

Alex Milgram
Well, this is of course the most important and significant choice and the one that goes without saying. Of all the meet 'n greets I would arrange for Liev, if I had the power, this would be the biggie. Liev has generously shared with us the impact his Grandfather had on his life time and time again.

Oh, the things I would do...

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  1. Good list, mon amie. The one I'd like to add would be Liev and Hugh Jackman. Every time I see them together, they look like awesome buddies. I wanna see them banter back and forth like the dorks they probably, deep down, are lol