Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Liev in Goon - Great Image

You Wanna Go?

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approaching, images of Goon are slowly trickling in.
Here's the first one I've found and BOY, it's a DOOZY!!!


  1. It's so unusual to see him with long hair. Used to that thick mass of impenetrable brownness on top of his head.

  2. But, do you like it?

    I do, but I'm from the Hockey Homeland and it is the quintessential hocky mullet, so...


  3. OMG YES!! This is a wonderful image to get tucked in by! I'm in love with the hair and surprisingly smitten with the handlebar mustache! Great pic and definitely hoping to see a trailer for the movie soon. Oh Liev Bad-assness...how I've missed u!