Monday, September 12, 2011

GOON Trailer - FINALLY!!

Yes, here it is folks - and it looks
even better than I could have hoped!
OMG Liev and HOCKEY on the same screen.
Just letting it sink in now...


  1. OMG ALYSSA THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I've been dying to see this trailer for months now, and the fact that the licensing company took it down everywhere had be bummed.

    This looks bad ass. I am a girl who loves her guy's movies. And this looks like a perfect addition to my future Liev collection. *squeal* Is it wrong that I was so into the fact that he's gonna be one sadistic hockey inforcer?? lol

  2. You're SO welcome. And NO it's not wrong. My favourite part of hockey is the gloves coming off! (Although Liev saying EH? was pretty great too).


  3. LOL I just watched the Newfie accent thing, and I am grinning at the prospect of Liev talking that fast and that brashly. Super hot <3 I also wouldn't mind having him as Ross tackle me into a cushy pile of hockey jerseys...don't ask, I dont even know where that fantasy came from lol