Friday, March 11, 2011

Civility in the Midst of Crazy

Yesterday I got all hot under the collar about the PAP CRAP that's being flung around right now. Since the Schreiber/Watts family arrived in Los Angeles, pursuit of them has been relentless and unyielding.

Do you ever wonder how things actually play out from their side of that pernicious lens?

Someone sent me a pap video which shows the depths these celebrity barnacles will sink to. Now, I fought with myself over whether or not to post this, but I do think it serves a purpose and illustrates my point.

Note the pervy, desperate panting on the camera man. SICK.

- At 14 seconds, Sasha looks out, spots the camera and worriedly runs behind the safety of the stroller.

-  At 44 seconds Liev, who they keep calling "Live" approaches and asks them what they suggest he do since they are now surrounded on both sides of the laneway. He just wants to take his family for a bikeride. He comes at them gracious and accommodating.

- At 1:16 a woman walking by yells at the PAPS, calling them "mean assholes." Liev is inclined to agree but stays above it and decides he's probably wasting his time.  He gives up and returns to his family.

Now, these scum suckers do let them get on their bikes and ride off, but that last about 30 seconds. The video stops here, and of course we know what happened next because photos of them on this boulevard are everywhere today.

The irony in all this is the Tweets and Google Alerts of the day all want to call them "Hollywood's Happiest Family." And yet this industry is doing everything possible to ruin their day.

I'm at a total loss.


  1. *Cringes* Nasty ass paparazzo jizzbags. Pardon my French, but honestly. The sound of their voices grated on my nerves. That passerby had it right lol They're so fucking obnoxious. I mean shit, they're going about their day and they gotta worry about a photo opp for these douchebags? Ugh.

    To say that Liev was civil is an underrated endeavor. There's no word for how patient and tolerant he was to even be able to deign speaking to them like they were sensible and reasonable men. If it'd been me? I'd have told them: "Listen. You got special long-range lenses, so fucking use them. Now get the fuck out of the street." Sigh.

    You know how I feel about this whole thing, and this is one of the occasions I was referring to as an inalienably messed up no matter how you cut it. For some reason the paparazzi aren't as deplorable in the city. Maybe it's cuz their asses would be roadkill if they pulled the shit they seem to pull out West lol

  2. YEAH! What Sofia said.

    *Left, right, hook off the jab*

  3. Sofia, I wouldn't have been that courteous!! Personally, I don't see why people have to take pics of actors/singers etc... when they are off the clock and just having normal lives, that we all have! Who the f*ck want's to see someone drinking coffee, smoking a dirty fag, scratching their arses???

    Unfortunately, it's the saddos who pay to see this who keep the Paps in business. If they just stopped buying the papers, magazines, and stopped searching online for all that celeb gossip, they'd have no way to sell such things.

    I am a fan of Liev for his WORK!! Going for a bikeride with his family has nothing to do with his work. His private life has f*ck all to do with anyone but him.

    For all those people out there who say that celebs should endure the Paps getting in their faces at every opportunity, are seriously tapped! Being photographed on the red carpet, or during a public event, is one thing. They are on the clock, and no doubt promoting their latest endeavour, or supporting something they want to support for whatever reason, and public opinion matters in those cases to help encourage a positive response and get the word out.

    We mustn't forget that Lady Di was chased by the Paps, which resulted in her dying in a mangled Mercedes on a Parisian underpass. Although, there is a lot of conjecture out there as to whether it was a planned chase, but I suppose we won't find out for a good few years!

    I could never put up with it. All those celebs who get mad and break cameras??? Yep. That'd be me!!!! I am fiercely protective of my privacy. Someone sticking a camera in my face without my permission, is liable to end up with my size 8's up their arse!!!!