Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saucy Cinema

My recent Liev-ducation has caused a bit of curiosty among family and friends who are wondering why I'm no longer as ready available for "Stitch 'n Bitch" as I used to be. The truth is, updating and maintaining a website like this and all the "relationships" that comes with it does take time.

I've noticed when talking to others about Liev, I have to mention Scream or CSI for people to recall who he is. My husband says the same thing with the guys at his work. So, I've decided to change that and work on a little grassroots awareness campaign of my own.

Tonight's is a special dinner party. What's on the menu? Beef Borscht, cheese perogies, sweet and sour cabbage, kielbasa and (of course) dill potatoes. And what's on the big screen, you ask? Spinning Boris. I figure it's a great way to introduce people to Liev and get them excited about his projects. Time for a revivival! The Grey Goose is in the freezer chilling right now.

We'll be about 10, the perfect number for good post-game conversation. I'm so excited. I think if I were Liev, I would be tickled to know that fans are spreading the word in this congenial way.

Spinning Boris was not only a choice because it was easy to come up with a correspondingly appropriate menu, but also because of the politically savvy crowd I've assembled.

I wonder what we'll eat when Sabretooth makes his debut?

Never seen Spinning Boris? Check out our December Fan Video made in honor of this clever political satire. Another extra bonus - His Hotness gets LOTS of screen time.


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