Friday, January 21, 2011

Summer at the Delacorte?

As my mind looks for ways to evade this rigidly cold place, my thoughts turn to summer in far away havens. The wanderlust combined with a keen sense of entitlement can be a delicious burden.

Last night we watched an old episode of Mad Men in which I could have sworn they were eluding to Joseph Papp and the beginnings of The Public Theatre. Very cool. After checking the website I see that Paul Simon's concert version of The Capeman is playing for three nights in August. What an extraordinary opportunity! I have to admit I know nothing about this piece and even had to look up the word Nuyorican. Never heard that one before.

I'm thinking a trip to NYC is in store for us this year. After all, that's the only project announced for the Delacorte so far (that I can find) and they do have a whole summer roster to fill.

Let's hope Liev's on the menu!

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