Friday, January 14, 2011


I'm not finished but so far watching the level of doubagedness... douchebaggery...(?) that Muthana Mohmed is displaying in is absolutely killing me. I almost threw the remote at the flat screen just now.

That anyone would have to point out to this spoiled brat that he should be trying to make himself invaluable is BEYOND SICK and of course heartbreaking to those of us who are 40 and have accepted that we are not going to have the opportunity to go to Film School anytime soon.

You know who I'm really sad for, though? What about the next young hopeful who would have been offering to shine the shoes of the guy who fetches the coffee for the meetings (never mind the gal who's editing the GAG REEL - she I would name a child for...)

The thing that really burns my ass is now Mark and Liev might hesitate to do this for someone who really is deserving and merits this kind of opportunity. They don't call it a cautinary tale for nothing.

My husband keeps saying "what a total dick." Oh, that interspersed with the occasional "This must be just killing you." GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Okay I'm going back to finish it but I just had to purge. (And get some more ice tea).


  1. Dammit! I've been wanting to see this thing since I heard about it YEARS ago! I remember watching the MTV thing about it and thinking, "Well, that guy is fucked. Oh well..." and then I heard about him getting a job thanks to Liev and everything and I thought, "Well, he'll probably fuck it up over some benign thing that has nothing to do with culture shock..." and now reading this makes me think I was damned on the money!

    Now I need to hunt this doc down! *gets her shotgun and heads to Amazon*