Friday, January 14, 2011

Degrees of Deserving?

If you're like me, your sense of entitlement is out of wack in terms of what you allow your loved ones vs. yourself. For example - my girls love to go shopping with me because I tell them ABSOLUTELY... YES that dress will bolster your confidence and BESIDES.... YOU DESERVE IT. But will I do this for myself? Not normally... cosmetics aside, of course. I have like 600 eyeliners because my Mom and every guy I've ever dated always told me they were my best feature.  So, actually, is the eyeliner really even a gift for me? Hmmm got to ponder that one.


Usually my inner process is in order to do anything that will make me feel good, I need to earn it. This also holds true for things that are a gift to my mind - which is really the best kind of feeling good, isn't it?

So, on my previous post about Liev's Directoral Debut I explained that I didn't feel qualified to comment on his mad lensing skills until I had read the book and could see where Jonathan ends and Liev begins.

Coming to a close on the book last night I considered myself almost ready to expound on the topic.


Slam on the breaks today as another of my Liev DVD's arrived from Amazon (I've ordered everything, now, including all the docs). This one's called Operation Filmmaker and I'm pleased to say it's about Liev feeling philanthropic and paying the bounties of his career forward. From the looks of the trailer, things go somewhat awry. But either way, it's yet more insite into the Man that reaches beyond the Myth. YEAH!

I really want to watch it right now but I'm off to pic up my sister as we're going to see Fair Game tonight. Double YEAH!

Watching Operation Filmaker will allow me to feel qualified enough to ponder and then pontificate (cause you knew that was coming) about His Hotness on an intellectual level. I know, you're thinking "that never stopped her before." But this is different - this was a passion project from his GUTS & SOUL. It's one thing to comment on acting abilities or how someone looks. Having Liev allow us to see a story through his eyes - whole different ball game.

So, if I can keep this straight, when I watch Operation Filmmaker it will actually be Art (the documentary) about Life (this Iraqui's story) about Art (Liev's movie) imitating Art (Jonathan's book) that imitates Life (his Grandfather's story).

I'd say that would make me qualified to write a real review of the whole experience when I'm done, wouldn't you?

Stay tuned... xx

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