Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: My 10 Questions for Liev

It’s been another one of those nights. We lost a fantastic 98 year old woman yesterday; a real character full of tales about battle & peace, love & war, even sex & hate. She always carried a raw potato in the bottom her purse as a lingering reminder (comfort?) of her time during both wars. She was generous with her stories and abundant with life lessons.

She was the kind of lady who you always have a moment for just because she’s that great. I woke up this morning pondering many things, but what they all boiled down to was why do I work in a place  where tragedy can be as pedestrian and yet poignant as a comb full of hair after the coroner has been and gone?

So, this morning it was a difficult choice to get out of bed. I decided to conjure up something that would allow me to bury myself in thought at work this morning. So, of course that means something Lieverly. I decided to compile a list of questions for Liev.

WHAAAAAAAAT, it could happen. ☺

Who knows, maybe someday His Hotness will be feeling generous of spirit? I know, I know. It was a shitty day, so just shut up and indulge me.

In no particular order:

1)   What’s your favourite band right now?
This seems cliché but I really would love to know. We all have music that stays with us forever. We know about the Gypsy music and the Classical music but those choices are weaved into the history of Liev.  How do you feel about, say… Transcenderarts - Lyrics to My Best Wife or Lowlander’s - Piece of Mind?

2)   If I opened a deli, what ingredients would bear your name on the chalk board? Yes, I want you to describe your dream sandwich.

3)  What’s the first significant moment in world news/events that you recall hearing about in your childhood – and describe how I affected you. (Hint: for me it was Jonestown – it was the first time I saw a child-sized coffin.)

4)   If you could not live in New York, where would you live? Obviously the sky’s the limit here. I’m so curious.

5)   If you could sit and have a coffee with any person in history, who would that be? I should add a caveat – anyone but William Shakespeare since that’s the obvious choice.

6)   You seem to appreciate and understand women a great deal – or at least more than the average  man, it would seem.  HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?  

7)   What is the best thing about being a man? I would also enjoy an answer as to what is the worst.

8)   Do you like hockey and are you a Rangers fan?  (You’ve done several hockey related projects lately so I wondered if it rubbed off on you).

9)   If you could go back and be the performer in any film or TV show (and do it your own way) which role/show would you chose and why? I have a list of films already picked out for you HERE if you’re suddenly at a loss.

10)   And from Last Tuesday’s list, Question #5 rears its horny head again.

Sigh. That feels better already.


  1. You seriously think hes going to answer? I like our questions thou. I want to know how he felt going back to new york sept. 11.

  2. A-

    1) Too many to list.
    2) Roast beef or cheese.
    3) Vietnam war. Then Watergate.
    4) Not another big city. Beach?
    5) Alex Milgram.
    6) I'm a good listener. I like to observe.
    7) Seizing a moment is good. Failing is terrible.
    8) Liking it more and more. Rangers are solid.
    9) Anything I would chose would have to be done my own way. I'm working beyond remakes right now but appreciate the work that went into the question.
    10) We've talked about this before.

    - L.

  3. 1. I don't think I've ever had a favourite band... Too many that I really like, and all very different from each other!
    2. Cheese, ham and pastrami with crisp lettuce and garlic mayo!
    3. Waco Siege - A friend my Mum grew up with died during it with her six year old daughter.
    4. Never been to New York... I adore Whitby, North East UK!
    5. Liev Schreiber! Among others...
    6. Pass...
    7. As a woman, the best thing about being a man would be, no periods!!
    8. Have no idea about hockey! Hoping I'll enjoy Goon!
    9. Since the question was for Liev, I would watch him do anything Shakespeare-related! I still want to see him on stage!
    10. Oooo, I want to know the answer to that too!!! Pickle or package?????

  4. okay dude if its not you then whoever you are thats pretty cold.

  5. Hahaha, you guys got me grinning. I wanna get in on the questions!

    1. I guess if I had to narrow it down, I could probably listen to just Nirvana for the rest of my life, if need be.
    2. Grilled ham and cheese! Very crispy on the outside and molten hot on the inside. Mmmm...
    3.Some kid in Puerto Rico got stolen, and they never found him. My parents were freaked and warned my about everything from eating gum and getting wash-on tattoos from strangers lol
    4.I am in love with NYC. Since I was a kid, I had this...idk how to codify it. But I've always felt at home in NYC. So moving to CT has been a real bummer...I wanna go back to NYC~
    5.Okay Liev is a given, but if I had to choose someone else...Oscar Wilde. I think we'd have each other in stitches! lol
    6.Kinda pass? But I appreciate women because my greatgrandmother took care of me really early on and taught me to be tough lol
    7.Best thing about being a guy? Smelling like a guy. Mmm, man-smell...and the worst? Having to worry about getting randy in public LOL Yeah, I went there.
    8.Hockey? Guys are hot. That's pretty much it for me. And yeah, I wanna see Goon!
    9.I wanna see Liev do Shakespeare on stage.
    10.Now I wanna know definitively whether it is or isn't, but if you ask me? It's the package in the flesh-Er, fleshy spanks! lol Don't ask me why I'm so sure, but I am!

  6. Then I believe I'M ASKING.
    Spit it out.
    Uh, the story. Spit out the story.


  7. Oh, you put me to shame, Alyssa! (Stop giving me a run for me smutty money!) And if you REALLY wanna know why I'm so sure, PM-me and ask, cuz I don't want to get ridiculously graphic and have some kid's eyes fall out of their head, or worse! *coughs and looks around cautiously*