Saturday, January 15, 2011

Torture Part Deux - Ire Still Up!

After yesterday's post on Operation Filmmaker I thought a good night's sleep would give me a chance to cool down. Not-so-much. I kind of feel even worse.  My husband and I have been discussing it all day.

In the end we've come to the conclusion that most workplaces have a dud or two. Mark and Liev are probably looking back on this experience as one guy who was just an uber-loser. They're both above letting it become some insidious internal campaign against future good will. As Kevin said, this is not their first rodeo.

We were gobsmacked to see how many people became entrenched in his woeful tale of being "pulled from the rubble." And he sure learned how to play the game quickly, didn't he? GROSS.

After my talking last night about seizing such an incredible opportunity and making it your own, it was bittersweet to watch him begrudglingly shining someone's shoes in his video diary (in the Bonus Features). Then he looks right into the camera and says that he has pride and we (Nina?) would never understand.

What an arrogant shit-for-brains!

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