Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays: Liev Fan Facts

“A celebrity is one who is known to many persons he is glad he doesn't know.”

- Lord Byron

I thought we'd flip things around this week and look at US. Yes, that's what I said. Liev Fans come from all over the world and every walk of life. I assembled a list of the Top Ten things I've noticed about Liev Connection fans who visit my site.

In no particular order:

  • Liev fans have above average vocabulary. In some of my communications I've had to pull up the dictionary to get through. They use words like transilience, fulcire and inoxilicate. (And I've totally forgotten that word you threw at me the other day Miss Sofia. What was it again?)
  • Liev fans are international. This is one of many sites I'm involved with and the people on here are from Everywhere. I'm talking Bahrain, Macedonia, Oman and Cyprus. Nevermind Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Finland, and all over the UK. I've been hit by 38 different countries so far, in fact.
  • The most prolific Liev Connection fan location? JERSEY represents! That's right. Almost 25% of my followers are from the Garden State. Don't ask me which exit.
  • Liev fans are well read. Hey smartypants! I have to watch myself when I make simple quotes or paraphrase anybody, my slips get caught every time. I also have a problem with wanting to put an e on the end of everything after 14 years of French school. You guys always have my back. Much gratitude. xo  
  • Liev fans love MAC. In my personal life I only know a couple of people who use a MAC, but on my site they account for 45% of followers. I don't know whether it's because Liev has been vocal about his preference for MAC or because MAC users tend to assemble with some sort of Masonic fervor, of if they're just smart and I too should be making the move. Thoughts?
  • Liev fans are GUUUUD LOOKIN'! From what I've spotted and what you've shared by way of photos and avatars, Liev's fans are no slouches in front of the mirror. You are an attractive bunch of Liev Afficionados. I guess it takes one to know one.
  • Closet Carrie Bradshaws, anyone? I get more comments about Liev's footwear choices than any other part of his wardrobe. Second place? Hats. People LOVE Liev in hats. (Me included).
  • Scary/Smart Syndrome? Does Liev face challenges with people being intimidated by his intelligence? I wonder because on here I've met tons of  people who would love to post but are too afraid to have Liev see what they wrote. That's a new one for me! (And I'm talking people who bold face Tweet like 600 times a day - GERONIMO! xx) 
  • Liev Connection fans love Contented Liev. We are a caring bunch. You know those times when you see a tabloid where they've obviously taken a bad photo of someone (scowling, say) and turned it into a headline? "Brad and Angelina Brawl at the Oscars..." and the whole while she was just clearing her throat or whatever. Yeah, not here. We seem to have gathered a lovely bunch of supporters who want Liev to grow old and prosper. Love that. sniff.
  • Attention to Liev-detail. Our fans have an uncanny eye. They can spot the shade of blue in the eyes of the fly that's sitting on the head of Liev's dog. Okay, not really, but it's almost that intense. Good thing we don't do PAP CRAP is all I can say.
  • Liev Connection Fans are a greedy bunch! We want ALL LIEV, all the time! Do you blame us? We wish for nothing more than fabulous projects, meaningful artistic expression and well-deserved accolades.  As long as we own our  completely altruistic wishes (since we benefit too), I think it's okay.
Thanks for your support. xo


  1. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Liev in Hat ! I can't help it. I so love him in hat. (And damn his shoes...)

    Hmm. Anyway. "Fans are intimidated to post". Ok, that's me once again. And almost all the other parts too. But one question remains :
    Does Liev come on this site ?

    Oh by the way, nice to meet you, I come from France ! (International fans for the win!)

  2. Hahaha, I must agree with all your fine points, mon'amie! I'm very surprised that most of the fan are from Jersey! LOL I just pictured a bunch of Jersey Shore girls going, "LEEV SHRIIBERR IS DA SHIT!" lol

    As for the word?? I honestly can't recall LOL Remind me what we were talking about?? I always forget what I say in passing!

    And that Lord Byron quote made my day lol I really need to get my hands on some Lord Byron...

    And yes, I am a Carrie Bradshaw wannabe, but my obsession is with Liev's choice in jeans! lol and those "why hello dar sexy arms and shoulder" accentuating shirts he wears! *fans self* Yeah, when it comes to all things Liev, the true Liev Lover is a detail whore lol

  3. Cou Cou KO! Bienvenue Ami(e?),

    J'ai vecu en France tous les étés de ma jeunesse! Sa me fait très grand plaisire de vous "parler." SVP pardonnez ma grammaire horrible.

    Chouette que vous etes venu! En esperant qu'on vous revois souvants...

    P.S. Votre question de Monsieur venir nous voir... voici le premier foi: (Depuis il est plus silencieu mais je le detect quand même).


    Your English is GREAT, so, switching back now. Just felt like getting my French on. xo

  4. HAHA Sofia, you're hilarious. It was my in email response to your Lady Gaga paper. I only have it at home.

    Ooooooh JEANS! YES. Never thought of that. We should start a jeans THREAD.

    Head. So. Full. Ideas.

  5. Damn, I really can't recall =C I remember you liking what I said, but not what I said LOL I'm getting early onset Alzheimers, I swear...

    And yes! We must make a Liev-JEAN-OF-SEXY Thread lol