Monday, March 14, 2011

Liev and Naomi attend "Paul" Premiere

We've updated our Gallery with new images from the Red Carpet tonight at Graumann's Chinese where Liev and Naomi attended the Premiere of Paul, a science fiction spoof.

LOVING your Dodgers cap, Liev. You're so CUTE. I guess it's true what they say:
You can take our Boy out of New York but you can't take New York out of our Boy.

I stand CORRECTED and CANADIAN. Husband just clarified. The Brooklyn Dodgers are now the L.A. Dodgers and yes Sofia (thanks) this is a Boston Red Sox Hat. (The B is the same font in both - I did check I just didn't check hard enough.) I'll shut up and stick to hockey now. BLUSH xo 


  1. Um, Liz? I think that's a Boston Red Sox cap; The Dodgers colors are blue. But hey, he looks delicious and oh-so-chill.

  2. It is my nickname for you. Deal with it. lol Would you prefer Allie? Or are you anti nicknames *frowns* If you are, I apologize! =/

  3. ROFL and omg I just realized why you're offended! =X I did NOT confuse you with Seph-Liz! It's just I have another friend named Alyssa and I've had to designate you from her when I talk with my other friend lol Sigh, this is what I get for making labels to keep my life straight! *hides in her shame-bunker*

  4. OMG *so* NOT offended. I heart Seph/Liz.

    I also desperately appreciate the tip. I hate looking like an arse!

    Now get out of that shamebunker before your hair starts to friz!


  5. *crawls out from bunker and brushes her wild mane*

    LOL I'm glad! And no worries. The only reason I know the hat is cuz living in NY, Boston Red Sox are disdained and abhorred completely lol so I was surprised that suck a quintessential New Yorker would ever wear a Boston Red Sox hat! Let alone at a premiere! lol But I love him for his bad-assery!