Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lightening Up a Little

Okay, according to some that last post was uncharacteristically dark or glib or whatever for me. So, I went looking for something to lighten the mood around here a little.

Now this is not at all Liev related, except little Sasha's quote about models looking unhappy rings true here - and as Husband just said, can you blame them?

LORD help this poor girl. Would love to hear Sasha's reaction to this little number.

Husband and I are calling it: Gray Birth Day in Big Womb Country.




  1. Oh my goodness...
    What are fashion designers thinking?
    I wouldn't want to be found dead wearing that. Poor girl, indeed.

    But at least that picture made me laugh, despite my headache.

    Thanks Alyssa.

  2. No, thank *you* sweet Blue. Hope your headache's long gone. xo

  3. F*ck me!! Is that supposed to be a dress????

    Why the hell do people think we will be interested in this kind of thing???


  4. Aesthetically? It's interesting. Practically? It looks like she's stuck in a vacuum cleaner tube lol