Monday, April 4, 2011

Tribeca Ball Anyone?

The Tribeca Ball for the New York Academy of Arts was last night. These are some of the sweetest pics I have ever seen.You can view them all in our Gallery. ♥


  1. JOY! I'm so happy to hear that he's going to be attending! I feel like I've been in Liev-withdrawal, so I'm happy to hear this news~!

  2. I mean, I hope so. You'd think so being on the benefit committee, right?

    We've been in Sofia withdrawal!!!
    Te gusta tu nuevo travajo? Muy ocupada?


  3. <,< no new trabajo for me yet. I postponed the interview for this Thursday. If anything I've been playing the "life avoidance" game the last few weeks, and tomorrow I gotta get myself on track!

    And I really hope he did go! Seems like the only NYC-hits I can get are through him, so here's to hoping I get a fix soon! lol

  4. Great pics! It looks like it was a lovely event. Oh I wish I had the social cache to attend soiree of this NYC-coolness sometime in the future lol And my goodness, I couldn't stop wistfully sighing over how debonair and devastatingly handsome Liev looks! Rawr~ <3