Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Life Among the Weiners

Get ready for your daily shudder/laugh as we watch Liev (staying good natured as always) detain a greasy pap who interfered with his personal freedom. I don't know how he puts up with this kind of bull, I swear.

Check out this cowardly pap as he half-assed shouts "Help..." like a stuck pig. Then he fakes being injured, lying in the gutter moaning. Makes my skin crawl, actually.

<a href='' target='_new' title='Liev Schreiber Strikes Back at Photog' >Video: Liev Schreiber Strikes Back at Photog</a>

Special shout-out to the good samaritan who decided to pop over and help! GREAT job!


  1. That pap guy makes Eltan john seem manly.

  2. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a wanker!!!!!

    What the f*ck was all that lying in the gutter crap all about????

    I know Liev is above such things, but I would have trod on a hand or two, or perhaps booted the arsewipe in the back!! Might as well be REALLY injured!!!


  3. I like the way Liev picks up the motorcycle for him. And the way the guy threw himself on the ground like a kid having a tantrum. I'd pay money to see this. Thanks for giving it to us for free! :)

  4. You're so welcome, Bettielee. ;-)

    I completely agree with all of your comments, friends.

    I cannot quite make out what Liev says but at the start when he's explaining to the samaritan what's going on, he says something about "... my son" and it just makes me wonder if the pap got too close.

    I used to think that famous people knew what they were getting into and admit I had little pity for them. But now I just see it all for how gross and downright lecherous it really is.

    I felt like washing my ears after listening to his pre-pubescent squeals "hellllllllp."

    Just eeeeeewwwwwwwwwww.

  5. I suppose we have to look at actors as a whole. Non-A-lister's don't get stalked like this, because they don't sell as many magazines and newspapers.

    Liev isn't some Hollywood fop out for all the fame and glory he can get. He's an actor of substance and does his job because he enjoys it, not because he wants the fame. The Paps should realise this and understand it.

    When he's out and about in everyday life with his family and friends, they should leave him to it. The only time anyone has a right to be snapping away, is during a public function, where he is fully aware of what they are snapping at.

  6. Wow. Pardon my french but...What a fucking asshole. I cannot believe the level of absolute bastard this guy went. I mean screaming help like that??? God I would've socked him in the mouth. Liev has amazing restraint. That guy is the type of paparazzo who hunted down and caused Princess Diana's death; he tried to milk every angle, and he only succeeded in proving how much of a despicable douche he is. I hope one of the cops pistol-whipped him for being an asshole.

    And I concur about the good samaritan! Very cool to see New Yorkers sticking together like that! That's the stuff that makes me love NYC so much!

    I think what Liev said was: "He got too close to my kid, so I'm waiting for the cops to get here." From what I've heard, Liev is peeved by paparazzi, but when they get too close to the kids, that's when he will intervene and tell them to fuck off. I cannot understand what would motivate a guy to get close to a kid for the same picture he could get from a respectable distance. I don't condone it, but in this world privacy is becoming a commodity, not a right, but that asshole had no right getting close to the kids.

  7. I exactly don't know what happened. First thing I wondered was the pap was stealing the Liev's moto.
    Thak you for explain the situation. I really hate paparazzi. When they get too close or spy the personal life of famous non partyboy like Liev, my blood explode.