Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Need for Weed(s)


According to Examiner.com, Liev Schreiber has a guest run on Season 7 of Weeds - one of my favourite shows EVER! (See article below) And if they're to be believed, this is going to get sexy shmexy!

There's no mention of this on Liev's IMDB profile and I cannot view their synopsis video from Canada. You can view the video HERE and if one of you oh-so-kind Liev enthusiasts can confirm if  Liev a.k.a. "The Sarge" makes an appearance that would be FANTASTIC.

AHHHHHHHHHH Liev back on TV. Dare we dream??? (BTW the article says Liev plays the brother of someone Nancy did time with, but I always thought Liev would slide in perfectly as another one of Judah's brothers, myself.)

CHANGE: Thanks to Sofia for letting me know it's actually PABLO and not LIEV who'll be playing The Sarge.

And a big thanks to Examiner.com for their excellent sluething and tips - NOT!!!! A pox on your house, amateurs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, from http://www.examiner.com/:

Nancy served three years for manslaughter and was released to a halfway house in Washington Heights, New York. Her family uprooted their lives in Denmark to check in on their matriarch.
Per Weeds tradition, episode 2 is even more setup, as everyone not named Nancy struggles to come up with something to do this season.

In addition to her big, slowly unraveling drug dealing plan, Nancy has a job interview as a lamp repair technician, so she bum rushes her roommate’s boyfriend off the phone during some kitchen appliance-based phone sex. We go on to learn that the roommate is enough of a foodie to have a hollowed-out cookbook in which to hide her contraband, a character trait that belies what is intended to play as a tough exterior.

The next morning, Nancy is on the clock for her job interview, and during her three-hour window she must also connect with the buyer of her suitcase full of explosives, which she hauled out of a car trunk at the end of last week’s episode. Her deadline may factor into why she, clad in some awful ‘80s garb donated by a church, sneaks out the back door when she sees her family waiting in the lobby.
Nancy makes the interview, which she fails for being too nervous. She picks up her suitcase, which she stored on the roof of a building, and hides it in a maintenance closet across from The Sarge’s (Liev Schreiber) apartment. This guy is the brother of Zoya, Nancy’s former cellmate. To relax, she pitches him on her new weapons-for-weed business plan. He is tentative, but agrees to let her at least sample the product.

This is the first time we’ve seen Nancy high for any amount of time. The only other memorable on-screen occurrence was in the grow house with Conrad years back, when they sat and watched the grass grow. In the past, Nancy has maintained that she is too much of a control freak to enjoy her own product. Is this one of the ways prison has changed her? Maybe she accepts that she is less in control of her fate than she’d like to admit. Either way, she’s definitely going to bang Zoya’s brother at some point.


  1. Oh honey I'm sorry. Unfortunately this is wrong. I watched the episode last night. "The Sarge" is played by Pablo Schreiber, not Liev =c From the trailer for next week, it will definitely get sexy between Nancy and "The Sarge", but yeah, huge false alarm about Liev.

  2. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I *thought* Examiner sounded a bit too much like Enquirer for my liking.

    Harsh email to them on the way.


    Thanks for letting me know Babe.


  3. Awww! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news =c I would tell them to get their siblings straight! I mean c'mon! Either way, I think Pablo will be great on the show and so far even I found him sexy, which I never have before!

  4. No...please don't be sorry. I'm grateful you caught it before I had too many peoples' hopes up. Weeds is one of those shows people either love or leave, so you'd hate to have people tune in for the first time looking for Liev and being disappointed.

    Pablo has a certain something. Recently saw him on a old episode of a cop show on Netflix called Life on Mars that Kevin and I have been watching. All I can say is those boys have very good genes. And also good jeans.

    Why is the theme song from Jeopardy and the category Potent Potables suddenly swirling around in my head?


  5. I just re-read my post and feel my Geek Ratio has just escalated to an alltime high of 10/10.


  6. ROFL! Well you're in good company then. I am a fellow dork. And yes Pablo does have some...je ne sais quoi. I saw a few episodes of an FX show called "Lights Out" and got a heaping helping of Pablo's very cute butt in one of the episodes lol Very nice genes indeed...I'm such a perv!!