Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Come Where You're To...

.. and I'll go where you be. (translation: I'll be right over).

I just noticed that Ross the Boss Rhea's jersey is from the St. John's Shamrocks! For those of you who enjoy Liev's vast talent with accents, this one's sure to be a doozy. I canna wet ta see Liev pullin's dis ones aff der ba-ee!

This is what he should be trying to sound like if his character's really from The Rock. I wish Liev all kinds of Shamrock luck on this one.


  1. So enlightening! Kinda makes meh wanna go tah Canadah, ay! lol I know that was awful lol Since the trailer's come out I'm chomping at the bits for more snippets of Liev as Ross! IDK what it is, but something about that long greasy hair, that wicked tuff 'stache and that steely look in his eyes has me all aflutter lol

  2. Woah!!! That is ever so slightly Irish!! It's a weird accent!! Though, with Liev's New York accent, I think he will pull it off!

    Oh, I also did some caps from the trailer! Posted them in Liev News on my forum!