Monday, February 28, 2011

Bigger Name - Part Deux

Back in January, when Liev and family were basking in the Australian sun, I posted about his good fortune at being out of town due to some severe scheduling conflicts he would have had back in NYC.

All dressed down and every place to go.

Now Liev and family are in Los Angeles and once again, the social calendar in his hometown is choc full of best buds. I don't have my New Yorker with me today so we'll see what more goodies I can come up with when I open my mailbox and find this week's issue in there tonight. But form what I can remember, Liev would be having another busy month, that's for sure.

Liev's best friend Fisher Stevens' one man play Ghetto Clown starring John Leguizamo is in previews at the Lyceum.

The Atlantic Theatre Company will be having their Annual Gala on March 7th. Gregory Mosher (A View from the Bridge), David Mamet (Talk Radio) and William H. Macy all sit on the Board of the fabulous organization which Liev has attended and supported in the past.

I don't know if Liev and Sandra Bernhard are friends, but that same night at Joe's Pub Arts's and Crafts: a Musical by Sandra Bernhard takes a lighthearted and darkhearted look at her own lips among other things.

Also, Robin Williams, (Liev's co-star from Jakob the Liar) will be making his Broadway debut on March 11th when Bengal Tiger at the Bagdad Zoo starts its run in previews.

Obviously Liev's motives would be different for going but with my 20+ year crush on John Larroquette (the only much-older-than-me man I find attractive) I could not be torn away from the opening of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying on March 27th at the Al Hirshfield Theatre.

I know Liev has lots of great reasons for being in Los Angeles, (least of all the weather) but must be bittersweet to know things are going on like gangbusters back home.

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