Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Ten Tuesdays - Wonderful Upcoming LIEVents

Success usually comes to those who
are too busy to be looking for it.
- Thoreau

T'is the season, apparantly. We kicked things off last night with photos of Liev at the wonderful Tribeca Ball. Since then I've noticed many auspicious possible dates on the horizon for us Liev enthusiasts.

Here's a list of TOP TEN upcoming Lievents, some confirmed and some which we're guessing Liev may attend (based on previous years). Or you can view them in our Calendar also.

April 6 - Jewish World Press with Liev and Jonathan Safran Froer. TRAGEDY to be missing this event which re-unites these two collaborators in celebration of Jewish Literature. SOB

April 16 - Village Voice Obie Awards I don't know anything about this event but I LOVE the Village Voice and I'm still mourning the loss of webstreaming from Village Voice Radio which was hilarious and eclectic and thought provoking and fun. Liev has attended this event before. Here are photos of Liev in 2007.

April 20 - Tribeca Film Festival Liev attended last year for screening of Every Day, see photos here.

April 27 - The Academy of American Poets has their annual Poetry and The Creative Mind Gala on this day. Liev is scheduled to attend.

May 2 - The Annual Drama Desk Awards are being announced. Liev previously won for A View from the Bridge and also Talk Radio so as alumni Liev is a scheduled announcer on this day.

May 11 - Cannes Film Festival I have no idea whether Liev will be attending (and I'm hoping not since he SHOULD be in rehearseals at this time - see #10 below) but Naomi was there last year with Woody Allen so you never know...

May 22 - The actual Drama Desk Awards Ceremony takes place on this day. Hoping Liev attends this event also. Photos from last time he attended are here.

June 12 - The 64th annual Tony Awards . No plays this year for Liev means no nominations, but this show has a history of inviting previous nominees and winners to present the following year so let's hope Liev is among that most extraordinary group of people. You can also view photo of Liev from last year's event here.

JuneISH - Shakespeare in the Park Opening Night Gala. Liev sits on the Board and has attended before and supported The Public in every possible way for years. Let's hope this event is no exception. Here he is at last year's soirée.

June 6th - Measure for Measure opens at the Delacorte in Central Park on this day. We bandied about whether or not Liev will be involved in the production here - still no confirmation. I'm adding it to the calendar to be optimistic and possibly create some sort of self fulfilling prophecy that if I put this in my schedule, it WILL be happening. Plain and Simple.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Dammit, it's times like these that I really WISH I was back in NY. All these Lievents (and would-be Lievents)sound wonderful. I went to the Tribeca Film Festival last year and had so much fun. It was a really cool event and Liev was oh-so-good in "Every Day"~!

    And lord, when ARE they planning on casting M4M?! Got my fingers crossed~!

  2. AGREED to all of it. SO TRUE.

    Also, I wanted to add a link to your hilarious description of that Every Day day, but could not find where you originally wrote it. Would you be willing to create a post in the Forum that I could like to? Just so we have it in the right place?

  3. Sure! God I get so embarrassed when I read my "accounts" of Lievents lol but I will go in and post them on the forum.